Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to the Blog

Happy New Year to all my friends!!

I am writing this in the hope that there are still a few people who visit my blog, even after my lingering absence for the past 3-4 months. There have been many who asked me the rationale for this desertion. Well…there was no particular reason that I could tell. I have not at all been really busy like the Infosys days, I had not decided that I will stop blogging, I did not have any major change in personal life….Its just a patch of time where I just did not blog…Void of any particular reason. Just fell into a hole, I guess.

Anyway, I have decided to lay low this long absence and come back to the blog world. You can expect more posts, and expect more madness to continue in 2008.

The day I return though, is a sad one. One of the finest actors in Indian cinema, ‘Bharat Gopi’ passed away today. The man who arrived in cinema just because of his love for the art form, the man who won ‘Bharat’ award for only his first major role in ‘Kodiyettam’, the man who put that brave face and fought ahead with his life even after a severe attack of paralysis, the man whom each Malayalee will keep as a treasure in their mind – Bharat Gopi. Be it the innocence of the protagonist in ‘Kodiyettam’ who tells ‘Pho! Enthoru Speedu’ with sheer adoration in his face as his new dress is splashed with dirt by a passing vehicle, be it the comic role of panchayat president in ‘Panchavadipaalam’, be it the crooked ‘Maamachan Muthalaali’ in ‘Kallan Pavithran’, be it the malicious tabla artist of ‘Yavanika’ – Bharat Gopi has done what only he can do – Give the trademark of being an actor who stamped his ability to portray a range of roles to an inimitable perfection. We place you at the pinnacle of acting, and not many would touch that zenith during our life time. You will live in our hearts forever, Sir.