Monday, January 30, 2006

I believe I can touch the sky

Yes, People - I turned into a bird. On that Thursday Evening (19th), I took my first flight as a bird. I grew my wings, and I took off from the ground without even realizing it. I stayed buoyant for a while, and then started on a journey that lasted for a couple of hours to places unknown, to corners of solitude. But sure, being afloat in the air with no force holding you up, slowly pacing up to the evening firmament n stars, and then descending with your eyes closed and body still like a hawk – it was wonderful. When I landed back on the ground, I could not believe that it was real. I tried it again, but that mysterious force which seized me had gone astray. I became a typical worthless mortal again.

But, now there is a change – I don’t just believe I can fly – Coz I already flew, and touched the sky.

Wondering what happened? One person with a miniature piece of Bamboo tenderly took a swarm of 5000 humans for a paranormal flight. Two hours of magic by a simple man named Hariprasad Chourasia. It was an evening to remember!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Blog: My cup of tea?

Scene 1:

Date: A Saturday in June, 2004 – Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA – Actors: Mr. Mohan Krishnan and Mr. Abhilash Kishore

Time: Early morning (11:30 am)

Blog !! Now, what’s that? This was precisely what passed my mind when Mohan Chettan (my good friend, philosopher and guide) mentioned about reading a blog of his friend. Although I could not make out the head or tail of what a blog was, I acted as if I am the blogmaster and did not need any guidance to what that means. The closest meaning I could think of blog was that it could be a cousin of BLOBs that we use in databases. (Excuse for the PJ – that one was natural!! Hehe) Mohan Chettan was too pre-occupied in playing Kho-Kho with his techie friends, Mr. Hibernate and Mr. Data Persistance, and did not notice the unsure conjecture that I showed beneath the screen of confidence. Going through the url he gave, I enjoyed what I saw for a couple of reasons – His friend was an excellent writer, and her fields of interest made me think (which by the way, was a process that faded to oblivion once I reached US). After spending a lot of time reading through her previous blogs and contemplating on what blogging means for people, the usual laziness crept around and I drew myself to spend time on more productive activities like watching movies, playing cricket and sleeping. Now that’s curtains for you, Mr.Blog, for another year and half.

Scene 2:

Date: A working day in Jan, 2006 – Location: Bangalore, India – Actor: Mr. Abhilash Kishore

Time: Evening (6:30 pm)

Finally having some time for myself after a project that sapped around 20 hours/day time for 6 months, after which I felt that I spent 183 good days of my life for absolute hollowness. Its during one of those empty hours that my tranquil mind solders an idea to check up the blogspot of Sridhar (one of my good friends, an IIMB passout and my fellow warrior in Dravid support). It was enchanting to read something really good, after a long time. And since it’s from Chilli (Sridhar), the contents really matched my frequency and I could feel the waves of thoughts that were triggered in my mind while going through many of them. After spending another 3 hours going through some other blogs that I could grab hold of, I decided that I will also make an attempt towards blogging and see how long it would be able to catch my interest. Although I have my own apprehensions on how good I can be on this front, I am positive about giving a hand to this new eye-catcher.

Thus was born a blog named ‘Madness Continues’ (Clap! Clap! Clap!!) :) Welcome !!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Birthday, God!!

After days of lazy thoughts about my first posting, the day January 11 answered the puzzle for me. Yes people, its the Birthday of Rahul 'The Wall' Dravid, one and only GOD of cricket.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and hoping that you would take Indian Cricket to new heights this year.

Happy Birthday, Great WALL of India!!